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As a merchant, you need to be on top of all financial matters that affect your business. Today, a business that does not accept credit and debit cards in their business is as good as dead. With this service, then comes the need for one to define interchange and understand all its concepts including how it affects. More so, the new entrants into the world of business should understand what this is. However, do not worry, this informative article will help any merchants of any level to understand more about interchange.

Why should merchants understand interchange

What is interchange?

card, note book, and phoneIt is a commission banks charge to process the credit card payments at the end of the month. This money comes from the merchant’s account as customers are not charged to use a credit card. Debit cards also work using the same concept save for the transfers of funds happen immediately. For the case of credit cards, the card holder pays a service fee at the end of the month when the bank is recovering the money you have used within your limits.

How does interchange affect the merchants?

Well, let us first understand why the even seller is rushing to ensure they provide credit card payment options. Banks have enticed people to use credit cards by allowing then to use it in advance up to a certain limit basically for shopping and pay that money in an advance. Therefore, seller, who do not accept credit cards risk losing many customers.

However, the bank charges them a commission to process their payment from the card holders bank to their bank. In fact, this is one-way banks earn their money. So, a merchant needs to have a software which keeps track of all credit card purchases for reconciliation with the bank at the end of the month.

How merchants should recover for the interchange fee

visa cardIt is not a good habit to directly add the commission to the client’s bills. So a merchant can factor in such costs during the pricing of a product. This way, the client will never know that they are paying for it. Additionally, the merchant can negotiate on a low commission with the banks to avoid feeling to much effect.

In conclusion, merchants especially the beginners need to keep clear records of all credit card transactions and even move ahead to calculate the commission they expect to pay. This will help to understand better if the services are worth or not.